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Lifestyle and Concierge Medicine

Concierge Care

Our practice is built around the connection between conventional Internal Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine and what is commonly called Concierge Medicine. In our opinion, they blend perfectly.

There is nothing more important to us than the privilege of being your physician.  We love helping and caring for our patients and we value the time we spend with each of you.  We want to provide outstanding care to you when you are ill and we also want to help each of you become and stay healthier and enjoy your lives.

In the health care model today, there is barely enough time to address illnesses, let alone time to get to the root cause of illness and to promote overall good health.  We are doctors who spend much more time with our patients than most Internists.  We believe we need time to listen to and work with our patients in order to provide the best care.  The average Internist sees 25-30 patients a day.  We are not willing to practice this way. 

Lifestyle Medicine is premised on the idea of changing our behavior in order to improve health and to prevent or delay the onset of diseases and illness arising from lifestyle choices. We share our knowledge, our training, and our inspiration to help our patients  make changes that result in better health. This approach is based on clear evidence of what works. We’re focused on building a relationship with you, the patient, where we are aware of your lifestyle, stresses, and activities. It is much more than calling the doctor because you don’t feel well.

Concierge Medicine originally grew out of the long wait times that many patients encountered, along with the rushed nature of much of today’s medicine. The Concierge approach allows doctors to take the full measure of time necessary to address patient concerns, without being pressured by the clock to see “X” many patients per hour.

What we found was that the three ideas blend in a perfect harmony, and that’s how our practice works. We are a full Internal Medicine practice with an emphasis on healthy lifestyles.  We became physicians to help people, and our model allows us to do just that. Our care is built around your ability to talk with us, to share your concerns and challenges, and to put a doctor in your corner…, coaching and guiding your approach to health.

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