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Concierge Medicine Benefits

For an annual fee of $1800.00, our program offers many conveniences and concierge services that we are able to provide by limiting the size of our patient panel.  These non-covered, non-medical services include:

  1. On time, unhurried appointments throughout the year.
  2. Same day or next day appointments for urgent issues.
  3. Added time to all non-urgent follow-up office visits and to your yearly preventive medicine physical exam.
  4. Physician Phone Hours: 7:30am-9:00am and 5-6 pm Monday-Friday when you can call and speak directly to your doctor on his/her cell phone.
  5. A private phone line connecting you directly to our Lifestyle Medicine Staff so that your calls will be answered promptly and efficiently throughout the day.
  6. E-mailing directly with our staff for non-urgent administrative issues.
  7. E-mailing directly with your doctor for non- urgent medical issues.
  8. In office laboratory testing for your convenience.
  9. A higher level of collaboration on your behalf with specialists and other caregivers.
  10. Weekly drop-in visits for Blood Pressure or weight checks (if applicable).



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