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Princeton Lifestyle Medicine Talks at Harvard Medical School


We are pleased to announce that we were recently asked to speak at Harvard Medical School's Institute of Lifestyle Medicine. We spoke about our Princeton Lifestyle Medicine Program and its unique practice of integrating primary care medicine with the belief in the mind-body connection and the effects of food, exercise, sleep, and stress on health.

We believe in Lifestyle changes, before medications, whenever possible.

Lifestyle changes have been shown to prevent, reverse or slow the progression of many diseases including heart attacks, strokes, dementia, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, depression and anxiety.

In our Princeton Lifestyle Medicine Program we provide health coaching,working in a partnership with our patients, encouraging them to incorporate healthy behaviors into their daily lives. We spend the extra time we need with our patients to help them make and sustain these positive Lifestyle changes.

The fee for our program covers the extra time we spend with our Lifestyle Medicine patients. The health coaching is considered a non-covered, non-medical service by insurance companies.

Our Lifestyle Medicine program  benefits include a one hour consultation, extra time at office visits,the ability to reach us directly on our cellphones, private phone lines, emailing with us, hospital social visits and more.

We hope you will consider joining us. We are proud to be part of the quiet revolution of physicians in the Lifestyle Medicine movement.

Lynne B. Kossow and Barbara A. Brown, MDs


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